Resurrecting NFT Collections

Bringing new life to undervalued yet deserving NFT collections, through buying, promoting, and strategic project support.

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There's a tremendous amount of great NFT art out there that doesn't get enough love. 

There are simply too many collections launching every single day, and the current market cannot find and support every deserving project.

Our goal is to find those collections that never received enough attention and to give them another shot.

To REMINT them, if you will.



Collection Criteria:
Our primary purpose is to celebrate great art. Determining which collections to support will be a group decision and may include the following considerations:

  • Community Health
  • Project Team
  • Project Financials
  • Utility  

Group Buying:
REMINT will buy a minimum of 3 NFTs from selected collections using the group wallet, one of which will be held in perpetuity.  

Member Buying:
In addition to the group wallet, REMINT members will buy from selected collections at a larger scale, amplifying the impact of our efforts.  

The Thesis:
REMINT will announce each selected project with a thesis for why the collection was chosen, highlighting the characteristics that make the collection deserving of support. Each thesis will be published internally to community members before being shared publicly.  

REMINT Members will help promote the collection by sharing the group thesis, changing their PFP to support the collection, and joining live discussions such as Twitter Spaces. 


Prime Owners can nominate NFT projects, vote on which collections will be selected for REMINTing, and determine how we will support those collections.

  • Fire chicken


    99 Total Supply
    .25 ETH
    • 1 of 99 Owners
    • Full Voting Rights
    • Thesis Collaboration
    • Nominate Collections
    • Full Discord Access


Fire chicken


REMINT was created by Jason Keath and Nicole D'Alonzo, cofounders of Social Fresh.